By definition, getting a tattoo done is altering your body. It consists of hundreds of dermal perforations administered by needle in order to insert ink into the dermis layer. Each perforation is a wound that can potentially become infected. It is therefore essential to respect strict rules of hygiene.

At Skáli Factory, we take these hygiene rules very seriously. It is also important to remind you to follow these important steps after getting a tattoo done as essential for optimal recovery.

Before getting a tattoo

Concerning our working methods and equipment, we prepare our tools in front of you, so that you can see every step we take. Before every tattoo, your tattoo artist will disinfect his/her hands and put on latex gloves. If you are allergic to latex, gloves made out of nitrile will be used. The entirety of the tools used such as lamps, tattoo machines, and ink tubes will be wrapped in protection plastic for single use.

We only work with single use, sterile and high quality equipment. Therefore, after your tattoo is complete, we dispose of ink caps, needles and gloves in infectious clinical waste containers (DASRI, Déchets d’Activités de Soins à Risque Infectieux).

After getting a tattoo

Once the tattoo is completed, it is important to follow strict rules such that the healing process is optimal. Your tattoo artist will apply a soapy solution onto your tattoo and smear it with Vaseline before wrapping the area with plastic foil. This foil must remain in place until the next day. After you remove the foil, you must clean the tattoo area with a pH neutral shower gel and then dry by dabbing the area with a clean towel.

The healing process of a tattoo can vary depending on its size and appearance (in colours, black or white). Therefore, the instructions may vary for every tattoo and we will provide advise accordingly.

After a few days, you will likely see scabs on your tattoo ; do not try to scratch or remove them ! During the healing process, avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun, going to the pool, sea or taking baths.

In the beginning of the healing process, there may be an inflammatory reaction, redness and swelling. These symptoms should disappear during the first week of healing. If this is not the case, please visit the shop so we can take a closer look at the tattoo.

The healing time varies depending on the size and location of your tattoo. It also depends on your personal healing ability.

If there is any remaining question, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our shop to talk about it.