Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering if this really is the tattoo parlour that is most appropriate for your project or you might even be wondering if getting a tattoo done is the best idea. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you with your decision.

What does Skáli Factory mean ? Why this name ?

For the Vikings, the Skáli is the common room where everyone would gather to prepare for battle or to feast. The word Skáli therefore represents the friendly atmosphere and spirit of community we try to promote in our shop. We want to be more than a tattoo parlour or a shop, we want to create a place where you can feel at home.

Does getting a tattoo done hurt ?

Getting a tattoo done doesn’t hurt a lot, it is a misconception people have regarding tattooing. Of course, tattooing implies dermal perforation with a needle, so this might be slightly painful. But the adrenaline always kicks in and will compensate for the pain you might experience. If ever you feel too much pain, it is more likely to be because of your stress level than the needle going through your skin. Nevertheless, some skin areas are more sensitive than others and the pain level is not the same when tattooing a wrist compared to a tattoo on the ribcage. The pain level depends on the location of your tattoo and your resistance to pain, therefore each experience is unique. Everyone experiences pain differently.

How do I take an appointment to get a tattoo ?

To check the availability in our shop, we recommend you come by at our shop. By visiting us, we will be able to talk about what you expect, about your project and become more acquainted. It is important to have a good vibe between you and your tattoo artist for you to have the best experience possible. If you are not able come to visit us, you can contact us through the Contact page, by phone or through our social networks. We answer as quickly as we can.

When I come to take an appointment, do I have to bring my tattoo project with me ?

It depends ! Often, you will have an idea of what you want but not a final project. If you come by, we can discuss your project and improve it for it to fulfill your wishes.

How long do I have to wait in order to have an appointment ?

The answer to your question can vary from month to month. There are some time periods where there will be loads of clients and the waiting list will be longer. Some periods, like during the summer, are more light so you will not have to wait as long. Also, your appointment will depend on your project. A big project might need more time to achieve than a small piece so your appointment will depend on that. On the contrary, a small piece will be easier to put in our schedule. Someone with a flexible timetable will have more options to make an appointment. We advise you to come by at our shop to take the appointment that suits you best.

How much will it cost ?

The final cost will depend on your project, its complexity and the time it takes to tattoo it. The starting price is € 80 to open the needle. Then, the first hour costs € 130 and starting from the second hour, each hour costs € 100. From the fifth hour on, each hour costs € 80. It is difficult to say a price for a project without discussing the said project before. We recommend you come to discuss the price and make an estimate. We will ask for a deposit when you come to take an appointment.

What are the things I should do before getting my tattoo done ?

Before coming to our shop to get your tattoo done, we advise you to have had a good night sleep, to eat and to have a cheerful disposition. These three pieces of advice will guarantee a good experience.

Can I do sport after getting my tattoo done ?

Sweat will not damage your tattoo. However, after getting your tattoo done, it is recommended to avoid the rubbing of clothes against the tattooed area, so be careful with your gym gear.

How will my tattoo age ?

It depends on the tattoo artist, your healing process and the location of your tattoo. A good tattoo well located will not massively change over time. The colours might change but the shape will stay the same. A good tattoo will age well.

Can I get tattoo to cover a scar or a mole ?

It is possible to cover a scar with a tattoo as long as it is an old scar. However, it is best if you ask a dermatologist for advice before doing anything. It is highly inadvisable to cover a mole with a tattoo. At Skáli Factory, we refuse to tattoo something to cover a mole.

Can I get a tattoo if I am underage (under 18) ?

We will tattoo minors over 16 years old. However if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by you tutor who will sign an informed consent allowing you to get a tattoo.

Are there tattoos that you will not make ?

Yes, there are some tattoos that we refuse to make. The art of tattooing is more than a job. All those working at Skáli Factory are passionate about what they do. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse some tattoos. Although there are only rare case in which we refuse to perform a tattoo, here are some pieces we will not do :

  1. Tattoos belonging to the tribal style or small tattoos such as an infinity sign will not be tattooed at Skáli Factory.
  2. Tattoos belonging to the traditional Japanese, Maori or Polynesian styles will not be made at Skáli Factory. We refuse to do such pieces because of the culture to which those symbols belong to. We believe that only the people of those cultures should make such tattoos.
  3. Any racist or hateful tattoo targeting a group of people will be refused. At Skáli Factory, we wish to promote positive vibes.

I would like to get a tattoo with cruelty free ink, is it possible at Skáli Factory ?

Yes, of course ! At Skáli Factory, we try our best to think about our clients’ wishes. If you request a cruelty free tattoo, we will use a cruelty free ink.

For the clothes you sell, are they unisex ?

Yes, fashion does not have a genre and it is only a matter of taste and style. You will find pieces that can be worn by men and women.

Do you have clothes in all sizes ?

The sizes available depend on the model and the stock. In general, we try to have at least one piece in each size (S, L, M, XL). The most popular pieces will have more than one piece depending on the most popular sizes.

If I cannot find my size, will there be a restock ?

Probably not. Once a model is out of stock, we will not have a restock. We advise you to come to the shop, see the collection and see if your size is available in another model.

Do you always sell the same brands ?

No, not necessarily. We have many collaborations with brands like Wasted or Zest Toulouse which will often be part of the collection. However, fashion changes all the time and we hope to collaborate with many brands in order to have a wide range of clothes.

How can I keep up with the events you organize ?

We communicate all our events through our social networks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you will be notified when we organize breakfasts, vernissages of exhibitions, flash days or other activities. For any other question or comment, please contact us on Facebook, Instagram or come by our shop to talk with our team !